Do you believe that some Canon lenses have the resolution ...

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Some lenses have over twice that resolution.

Silverback1988 wrote:

that could maximize 50 MP in FF, so it will have the same resolution as the 50 MP MF with its lens ?

Odd that you bring medium format into this. Many of those lenses are fairly obsolete and can easily be outresolved by the best FF lenses.

Or is it just too difficult (impossible) to make a such lens that sharp ?

So the only way at the moment is just to make the sensor larger, thus less stretch for the lens ?

I could understand if smaller format (such APSC or mFT) will have another problem, DOF control problem, even if someone could make a lens sooo sharp for them.

DOF is purely a function of the physical size of the aperture, the field of view, and the size of the print. A 50mm at f2 on FF has the same FOV and DOF as a 100mm f4 on 6x7 medium format. Same light gathering capability and diffraction, too.

You described several problems that do not exist.

But there is no DOF control problem in 35mm FF, is there ?


Maybe just resolution problem in wider aperture ? in f/2 perhaps ? But not resolution in f/2.8 ?


Some one who know these, please chime in ...

Many existing FF lenses far exceed the resolution of 24mp APS cameras, especially macro lenses, normals, and telephoto primes. That same pixel size on FF is over 60mp.

But that's not the whole story. As lenses start to approach the resolution of the sensor under "casual" shooting conditions (popular lenses like the 70-200mm f2.8 used handheld with IS or VR) we see camera makers starting to chuck the AA filters, because the zooms, used handheld at large apertures have enough optical and motion blur to provide all the antialiasing we need. But this means we now get aliasing under meticulous conditions, like macro locked down on a sturdy tripod. The camera line isn't "done" until the camera resolution is high enough to eliminate aliasing for all lenses in the line. Don't want to scare you, but that's around 800mp.

Don't think we'll get there? 15 years ago, we were at 3mp, now FF is at 36mp. Another 10 years, and we'll be at 400mp.

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