G15 scratch on lens and I hate Canon (nt)

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Re: G15 scratch on lens and I hate Canon (nt)

tkpatric wrote:

meland wrote:

tkpatric wrote:

Just wondering and not wishing to be provocative or anything but is it possible that lens scratches on the G Series are due to the way people store or carry it? Are people applying pressure to the lens cap shutter blades perhaps by stuffing the camera in a pocket?

My experience can no way be considered universal of course but having owned a G10 and G11 for many years and used them extensively, neither have lens scratches. Neither does anyone else I know who has got either of those cameras, or the G15/16.

I got about 10 p&s camera's, and the G15 is the only one with scratches. Coincidence?

A 1 in 10 chance of that I guess.    

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