Sony a6000 Build Quality

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Re: Sony a6000 Build Quality

woodsjo3 wrote:

I'm no where close to claiming I'm a photographer. But I'm addicted to photography. I've tansitioned from my first camera the nex-3 to a nex-5 to a nex-5r to a nex 6 and finally to an a6000. Every time I've upgraded I've been happy with the build quality. But the a6000 feels like a toy in comparison to the nex 6. It feels almost bloated... just my thoughts, definitely not a deal breaker. I'm sure a real photographer would prefer a lighter body that the the plastic offers. I just thought it would feel morr durable.

The differences in feel and build between the a6000 and NEX6 are fairly subtle IMO.  But those slight differences break in favor of the a6000.

One advantage of the a6000 is the grip is a few mm taller which is just enough for my little finger to now purchase on it.  With the NEX-6 that finger curls under the camera.  Not a big deal either way, but I like the a6000 better.

The a6000 body is very slightly thicker, but I don't see how a mm (or less) of extra thickness makes a camera go from good build quality to "bloated" or "toy like".

And unlike most people, I like the positioning of the top control wheel on the far right of the camera.  It's easier to operate than the equivalent wheel on the NEX-6 was.  The button placement on the a6000 is also better and I can feel the buttons better with my fingers--I think they must protrude above the chassis slightly more.

One thing I don't like is the plastic mount lugs.  I wish they'd use metal.  The wear surfaces are metal springs, but I'd feel better if they used metal for the lugs as well.  This would also enable tighter spring tolerances and lenses would mount tighter.  Again, my lenses fit tighter on my a6000 than they did on my NEX6, so Sony's even improved that.  This probably shouldn't be my concern--if it works, then I shouldn't care if it's made of balsa wood.  I have noticed that the E-mount lugs are quite thick compared to my Pentax and Canon lenses.  They might've done this specifically to enable to use of plastics.


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