My new favorite lens 58mm 1.4g!!

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Re: Can someone explain what Super Integrated Coating is?

Everything affects rendering. Just different parts of it and to different levels of magnitude.

Super Integrated Coating has been around on Nikon lenses for decades; absolutely nothing new here. This is your typical multi coating applied to the lenses in the same manner every other manufacturer does multi coating.

Nano coating is more specialized and is a coating applied to the *internal* surface of a single lens element in order to improve flare resistance. Because of this it also generally positive change in the lenses global contrast.

However, the rendering of the 58/1.4 comes from the balance of abberation correction and how the designer viewed the transition from in focus to out of focus - far moreso than the type of coating used, although the nano coating does impart some of the classic modern G Nikkor look to the lenses, even if the predominant aspect of the lenses rendering comes from the design and inherent tradeoffs within that design.


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