I feel misled: Panasonic 20mm f1.7 II AF is SO SLOW!

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Re: Not so slow

Anders W wrote:

G1Houston wrote:

Anders W wrote:

G1Houston wrote:

As some said, you do not want to use it the same way as other lenses. For this, when used indoors, do not use AF-C as it will hunt.

On Pany bodies (the OP has a G3), the lens is not even allowed to enter AF-C as far as I know. My G1 doesn't allow it and I think later Pany bodies behave similarly.

I used it first on a GH1. I do not recall if it can be used in the AF-C mode for still, but in video mode, it will do AF-C by default.

Yes, I was referring to stills only when I said the body wouldn't allow it.

Just had a look. On the G3 AFC is greyed out. Video AF is somewhat painful indeed. So should use MF in video. I almost exclusively MF in video anyway but the video targeted lenses (such as the power zooms) do AF quite well in video if someone wants to use that feature. So it's a minus for the 20 in that respect.

However I quickly learned not to do that so even in video, I use only AF-S. I also use the lens on E-PL5 but I never bother to find out whether it works in AF-C, which is to be avoided with this lens.

Right. No point moving to AF-C even when the body allows it (as does my E-M5).

Agree. Probably has changed with the E-M1's PD?

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