Big and little critters, and other stuff with the 100-300 mm

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Re: More 100-300, including a few using ext. tubes ...

You live in an area rich with wildlife possibilities.  I like the Pileated since I see them oh so rarely here.

The GX7 will be much, much better for BIF than the GH2.  Set it on AFC, and use short taps and short bursts. With the newest Panny cameras, like GX7 and GM1, AFC gives considerably more accurate focus than bursts of AFS.  You can use ISO 800 or 1600 freely with the GX7 for BIF.  You want a high shutter speed such as 1/2000.  If there is enough light go to f7.1 or f8, but high shutter speed is more important than stopping down.  For BIF use the wide pattern AF.  For stationary birds the small central focus box will be best.  Again the GX7 will be better with its pinpoint focus option.

As for the color, why are you using RAW if that's what you get?  AWB and JPEG will be much better.

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