X-E1 how bad is the focus system?

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Re: X-E1 how bad is the focus system?

Itamath wrote:

Hi all,

Sold my DSLR and looking for a compact mirrorless camera. I really like the colors and the image quality of Fuji X cameras and I can get the X-E1 at a good price. I read that there is a slow focus and I wonder how bad is it? I want to buy a 27mm f2.8 or 35mm 1.4 I might use zoom kit lens from time to time. thanks, Yuval

See my post about first pics with x-E1.

I was in the same asking position as you some weeks ago.

My experience:

Marvelous camera for everything, street, portraits, landscape, architecture.....that doesn´t require fast autofocus or locking on moving objects.

For almost static things it´s perfect. For moving things it lags a lot and makes it nearly impossible to succeed. Any beginner basic DSLR is much, much faster.

With its limitations is worth it. Although in my case I use a second camera for fast street candids which is what I mostly do. Now a nikon d5100. In the future an Olympus E-m10 perhaps. Weight and size are really interesting in these mirrorless cameras.

But you can take very nice pictures. See http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/53566794

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