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amtberg wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Hi Lab,

Hope you don't mind some partly off-topic (not about action shooting) questions about your new GH4.

Apparently, one of the new features of the GH4 (but a long established one on dedicated video cameras) is the Zebra Pattern, which, if I understand things correctly, is a zebra-like pattern indicating over-exposure in those parts of the frame where it is shown. It thus seems to offer something like the live-view "blinkies" (they do not actually blink) that has long been available on Oly bodies.


Does this work for stills too, not just for video?

Does it warn for under-exposure too, not just over-exposure?

Can it provide these warnings even for very small areas? If so how (if it is a pattern requiring a minimum of spatial extension we are talking about)? On the Olys, a solid color is used (orange for highlights, blue for shadows) so that the information about where you have exposure problems can be made very fine-grained.

Thanks in advance for your help.

It works for stills and video. You can store two different settings and set different levels for each in 5% increments, e.g., Zebra 1 90%, Zebra 2 105%.

The pattern is relatively tight so it seems to work fine for small areas. You might miss something *really* small like a pinpoint reflection of the sun, but I can't imagine wanting to expose for that anyway.

There's no underexposure warning.

Thanks. Sounds good. Happy to hear that this feature (live-view in-the-frame warnings of highlight clipping) is now available on the GH4 and hopefully future Pany bodies as well. It's one of the features I appreciate most with my E-M5. If you are a RAW shooter and want to ETTR, that's all you need to set proper exposure (and do it quickly) most of the time. I hardly ever use the meter any more.

The fact that there is no underexposure warning in the Pany system doesn't matter much in my opinion. As long as you know when and where the highlights are clipping, all is well.

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