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Re: Sony a6000 Build Quality

woodsjo3 wrote:

I'm no where close to claiming I'm a photographer. But I'm addicted to photography. I've tansitioned from my first camera the nex-3 to a nex-5 to a nex-5r to a nex 6 and finally to an a6000. Every time I've upgraded I've been happy with the build quality. But the a6000 feels like a toy in comparison to the nex 6. It feels almost bloated... just my thoughts, definitely not a deal breaker. I'm sure a real photographer would prefer a lighter body that the the plastic offers. I just thought it would feel morr durable.

The part of a camera that needs to be accurate and rigid is the frame that holds the sensor at exactly the right distance from the lens mount -- including the mount itself.

So you need a central skeleton that is made of metal and accurately machined. The sensor should be held firmly fixed against this skeleton so that it cannot shift, even if the camera is badly knocked. (Stabilisation by moving the sensor around is not a good thing.)

Surrounding this and the electronics, you need a skin that can absorb blows without transmitting them to the sensor. A strong plastic such as polycarbonate is fine for this.

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