Decided To Upgrade... To The V2

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Re: Decided To Upgrade... To The V2

NexMan wrote:

I'm happy with the V1, I'll give the V2 a miss and upgrade to the V3 when it starts to drop in price in 12 months time.

I was very happy the the V1 too.

The only reason I wanted to upgrade was... I just, really, sort of found I wasn't shooting with it as much as I'd like to.

I found myself asking 'why? - why wasn't I grabbing the the the V1 more as I headed out the door' - especially considering how happy I was with the small size of the system, the IQ, and lenses.  I felt it deserved more 'prime time' use than I was giving it.

After thinking about it, for me, it was a 'usability' issue.  I think that's a very personal thing, but being use do the D700, the Sony NEX, and A7 - all those bodies were very 'grip-able'.

When I held the V2 in my hand, I knew that was it.  The grip/design, combined with the mode dial and other layout changes just felt so right to me (based on what I was use to).  Likely not the case for everyone, but for me the difference in usability was like night and day.  So now I hope to give the N1 system the more time it deserves


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