Birds in Flight, A6000, Wetlands...AF-C (55-210, DH1758)

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Lock-on AF - flubbed sample (my fault)

clearzoom wrote:

very neat shots. Did you use "Lock-on AF" for tracking with AF-C?

For most of the shots I posted here, no...I was just using AF-C and wide focus area, leaving lock-on off.  I did use the lock-on function to test it out...but unfortunately, many of those were the ones with smaller birds moving very fast and where my shutter speed was too low due to my settings mistake.  The good news is that the tracking itself, of the subject, with lock-on AF, was surprisingly good at keeping up even with small birds.  Had I set the right mode, and kept the shutter speed up, the lock-on AF seemed up to the task.  This is a grackle, flying at a fairly high speed - I started by using lock-on AF as it first came over the water, let the system track it (the lock-on AF box stayed on the grackle as it flew, moving around in the viewfinder as I panned with it - the box stayed faithfully around the grackle and expanded as the wings spread and contracted as the wings went in), and fired 3 frames.  All three were within the right focus zone, but unfortunately motion blur is the big culprit here - shutter of 1/300 for a fast moving birda t 500mm+ equivalent won't do it!:

To be honest though, this is the type of tracking that would have been completely impossible using the NEX-5N's AF-C mode.  I can definitely see the improvement, and compared to my DSLR, it really does seem about the same in overall focus acquisition and ability to track with closing distance.

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