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Re: GH4: sequence (many pics)

Anders W wrote:

Hi Lab,

Hope you don't mind some partly off-topic (not about action shooting) questions about your new GH4.

Apparently, one of the new features of the GH4 (but a long established one on dedicated video cameras) is the Zebra Pattern, which, if I understand things correctly, is a zebra-like pattern indicating over-exposure in those parts of the frame where it is shown. It thus seems to offer something like the live-view "blinkies" (they do not actually blink) that has long been available on Oly bodies.


Does this work for stills too, not just for video?

Does it warn for under-exposure too, not just over-exposure?

Can it provide these warnings even for very small areas? If so how (if it is a pattern requiring a minimum of spatial extension we are talking about)? On the Olys, a solid color is used (orange for highlights, blue for shadows) so that the information about where you have exposure problems can be made very fine-grained.

Thanks in advance for your help.

It works for stills and video.  You can store two different settings and set different levels for each in 5% increments, e.g., Zebra 1 90%, Zebra 2 105%.

The pattern is relatively tight so it seems to work fine for small areas.  You might miss something *really* small like a pinpoint reflection of the sun, but I can't imagine wanting to expose for that anyway.

There's no underexposure warning.

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