Convince me to buy a D800 (+BHPV question)

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Re: Rent a camera

I don't need a D800, I want it it!

But the D600 doesn't cut it - if I am spending any kind of money I want better focusing, better metering, better body and maintaining the pixel density of the D7000. The D610 is a big step down for wildlife.

DXO lens scores are also  a little tricky to understand. They incorporate the transmission T-stop in their scores so scores can be modulated by camera independent factors. Wide open most lenses wont resolve much more than the D600 but stopped down a little they will. Beyond this it is really the DX crop that is of most interest for wildlife work - I can see plenty more detail in the 16MP D7000 than in my 12MP D90 so the 10.5MP from the D600 is going to be significantly less.

If it wasn't for the desire for a high pixel density for wildlife then the D600 would be more interesting, but it still is not improving focusing or metering beyond the D7000.

TQGroup wrote:

Are you sure you need a D800 or do you just want it? If you want it just but it now.

If you compare the performance of your existing lenses at DxOMark on the D800 and D610 sensors, you will see very little difference! If you compare the performance of the D610 and D800 sensors at the same site, again there is little difference in performance.

I chose the D600 when my friends went for D800s... on the media we display (4K UHD TV = 8MPX and 36x24 inch prints) there is no discernible difference visible when the two cameras are shot side by side with the same glass. Their only significant advantage is they can crop more and still retain very high quality.

Kindly note that the pro Nikon D4S only has 16 MPX... now, how can those fulltime "pros" get away with such a "poor" sensor compared to the 36 MPX D800? Very nicely, I suspect!

May I suggest you make your decisions based on issues like AF, frame rates, size, shutter speeds, file sizes, comfort in your hand, etc, etc based on your individual needs.

BTW, if you intend to retain your D7000, you will find that the camera control layout is very similar to the D610 / D600 and awkwardly different from the D800 ... or so my D800 + D7000 owning friends tell me when they fiddle with the wrong buttons "under pressure".

Finally, the 300F4 + TC14eII work great on both cameras in our experience. Of course, big, heavy and expensive "long pro glass" works better but that involves big tripods with fancy heads and, ideally, a porter to carry it all for you!

Good luck with your call!

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