Convince me to buy a D800 (+BHPV question)

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Re: Convince me to buy a D800 (+BHPV question)

There isn't anything in particular that my current setup wont handle but there are a few featires that will help:

1) Better metering

2) Better focusing

3) Better low light/ noise. I prefer natural light although do use a flash when required.

4) The higher resolution does allow some cropping advantages.

5) the shallower DoF will make the 24-70mm become a better work horse for me when I want shallow DoF.  I use 35/50/85m primes at f/1.8 which is fine for my work on crop - but the 24-70mm on FF gives me the same DoF in a convenient zoom.

6) My D90 is kind of flake and although the D7000 is going to be the main camera I would like a 100% dependable backup (or 2 backups as it were).

But really, the event is just kind of an excuse, cherry on the cake. I want a D800 for my hobby, if I buy a D800 it is better to have it for this first event than wait even longer.

RicAllan wrote:

TimStir wrote:

Thing is I am super frugal and also stress about finances and value of items. Back in 2010 I was worrying about buying a D90 and asked to be convinced on Dpreview - I would have lost lots of opportunities if I hadn't made that purchase.

RicAllan wrote:

If you have to be convinced, you shouldn't do it.

Each of us has different needs and pushes different boundaries with our efforts. Only YOU know what you need to tackle yours...

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Go back to the points I made... what about the event you are anticipating stretches or exceeds what your current camera bodies can do? Will you e shooting indoors low light or outdoors? Will you be able to get as close as you want? Will you be able to utilize ALL your lenses or have to restrict yourself for one reason or another... Without answers to these questions (and probably a few more) no one can give you a realistic evaluation.

The one factor I wouldn't worry about is "as of yet unannounced product" UNLESS there's an aspect of your shooting it would not handle. I have/use a D800E but because of what "I" shoot also have a D4s...

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