X-E1 how bad is the focus system?

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Re: X-E1 how bad is the focus system?

Hi Ryan

The focus system is good enough for me. 99% of my shots are sharp but I started photography with a Zenit B no exposure meter no autofocus no auto stop down. On the occasions that I don't get focus I shift so that an edge is located by the focus point half press shutter, hold, recompose and shoot, takes way less than a second. The attached file was shot with 18-55 and is a merged 5 shot sequence, hand held, all of the shots are pin sharp ISO 200 f8 (gives sufficient dof ) 1/850s. It would have been nice to have had continuous focus tracking I would have used f5 ish for shallower dof to make the jousters stand out from the background and give me a faster shutter speed, but the XE-1 doesn't have it at 6fps. This was shot in bright Mediterranean sunshine and may not have been so easy with a subject inside in dim light, the XE-1 is not a sports camera, but it can sometimes be used as one. This image is a crop as the 18-55 was the only lens I had on my cycling trip.

Good Luck Ken

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