Big and little critters, and other stuff with the 100-300 mm

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Re: More 100-300, including a few using ext. tubes ...

GeorgianBay1939 wrote:

Alan_W1 wrote:

Just my honest opinion {feel free to ignore}, but with regards to the bird images, i think you are asking far too much from both camera and lens at those sorts of shooting distances {in those conditions}....the result being a noticeable lack of contrast/detail/saturation, and the resulting crops producing little more than record shots.

I assume that you mean the Sandhill Crane shots. contrast/detail/saturation were not cranked in RAW. Those Cranes are amazingly camouflaged. Very few of the local folks even know that they are here in our fields now as they are distant and camouflaged. Smart birds. They are given away by their calls more than their visual presence.

I don't mean to be harsh

Not too harsh at all. I appreciate your candid opinion.

My suggestion would be to spend plenty of time observing, prior to photographing {maybe 90%/10%}, and methodically plan your best options to capture your subjects, whilst striving to use the full potential of the gear you own.

That is good general advice. What do you use as a general rule of thumb for the limit of "long shots" for this sort of equipment? I have no idea what the practical limit is. I DO know that the closer the better, though!

I think a general rule would tend to depend on the format size the user has come from.

Myself {coming from 645>135>DX & m43}, I start from the premise/mind-set that the smaller sensors are already "pre-cropped" , and concentrate on finding ways to fill the m43 {or DX format} frame.

Not easy to do with birds though {and often not possible}, but time in the field, and acquiring some fieldcraft knowledge all helps.

Its a time consuming subject, and the reality is that its too varied a subject to put in a nutshell.

One thing is for can be a frustrating area of photography.

just my opinion though

It all helps. Thank you.


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