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Re: More 100-300, including a few using ext. tubes ...

tinpusher wrote:

Shooting birds in flight is just about as tough as it comes for m4/3 equipment. I find it easier to shoot fast jets where the subject is larger and movement is predictable.

Yes!  These guys are very unpredictable and they generally fly within the tree line.

Personally I don't like the IQ from the Lumix lens above about 250mm and I tend to raise the ISO to 400 or so to stop down a little.

You are both stopping down and reducing FL.  I will try that.   What AF settings do you use?

Surprisingly the iS built into the Lumix lens is better than that of my Olypus M10 but it's worth trying with the iS off and going back to the old days of smooth panning.

Another option to try!  I've always been shooting with IS "on".

Focusing can always be problematic but I've got used to single AF and squeezing the shutter continuously. Worth trying various combinations depending on your camera.

Yes,  I will be experimenting with all of the options.  Probably run up a few blind alleys.

You've great subject matter there.

I think so too.  The trick is to capture some of it!!!!  Rain is forecast for today.   I expect that the Sandhills will be in the fields again today.  They are  only about 1/2 mile from my house so I can easily check on them.

I have noticed that they tend to congregate out in the middle of the fields a couple times each day  reaching a flock of about  a dozen.  Most of the time they are in pairs.   I have never been able to spook them into flight.  They seem to prefer to run away ... at a pretty good speed as they have a  long gait.

If I have enough light today, I'll try upping the ISO, stopping down a bit and shortening the FL a bit.  The other BIG thing is to prop against the truck frame.  The truck has to be shut down to prevent vibration.  I COULD get the big manfrotto out but I prefer to LEARN how to shoot hand-held.

Thanks for your help.


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