Raging mad A7

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Re: Raging mad

Okay I have gotten some rest and have come up with a couple of things here,

a) I'm a troll that's a complete idiot and should be beaten with a stick

b) I'm a complete idiot for listening to the guy from where I bought the camera and get a full refund

c) already bought it and should get an la 3 and see what I can work out.

and the real truth why I got rid of most of my Nikon gear is I'm disabled and it was getting harder to carry the heavier equipment around to shoots(back).

I thought this would help me out with the lighter cameras

I guess what I was really trying to ask was what options I had for lenses and can I really use the A7 as a pro camera for the type of work I do which is mentioned above.

I  hope I didn't put anyone out here.

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