How much ff resolution to not be "weak link" with Otus?

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Re: How much ff resolution to not be "weak link" with Otus?

Mark Scott Abeln wrote:

But could some of that aliasing be from the demosaicing algorithm? Especially since this doesn’t have an AA filter?

Aliasing happens when you (improperly) (down-)sample (failing to obey Nyquist). The aliasing (if any) is combined with the signal when you do spatially discrete sampling in the sensor.

At reconstruction you have something similar called imaging (failing to obey Nyquist). As the Bayer encoded signal barely obeys Nyquist in the first place, It may not make much sense to use classic sampling terminology here, rather some fancy compressed sensing line of thought?

i have thought all along that non-OLPF cameras ought ought to be a good (easily accessible device) to estimate lens MTF beyond Nyquist. Use a tailormade target (one that bandpass at some multiple of Nyquist), exploit the aliasing of the image sensor to gain knowledge about the lens' (+ other components in the chain) response at the equivalent of Nx24MP pixel counts.


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