Big and little critters, and other stuff with the 100-300 mm

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More 100-300, including a few using ext. tubes ...

Some more critters with the 100-300 ... (below are a few with 10 +16 mm extension tubes).

1   rare occasion when Sandhills are out in the open.

2   Unknown.  There were two of these, in tight to the shore.  (VERY) early brood?

3     Female flower and male catkin of our wild hazelnut   (100-300 with tubes)

wild hazelnuts  are tasty but you must harvest before the jays, squirrels and others get them.

4    with tubes.

5   tag alder.  Male is the lower catkin which carries pollen to wind-pollenate upper female catkins.   Used tubes here.

6   delicate birch bark

7   Male Bufflehead leaves the surface for the female.

8  Unknown birdie

9  Solo wing-tagged Trumpeter Swan is heading back north.  Long shot, late afternoon.

10 It would've been nice to have the long lens mounted on the GX7 instead of the GH2 ... so that I could've used pin-point focus.

I really miss the pin point focus of the GX7 compared to the smallest area focus of the GH2.  See Ontario Gone's  post here:

But it IS possible to dig in for hidden birds using the smallest area focus of the GH2, just more difficult ...

Another unknown birdie...

I find the 100-300 mm on the GH2 (with ext tubes in my pocket) to be very handy.  I keep it and the 14-140 mm on the GX7 in the truck all of the time.   I also use the 7-14 mm on the GX7 outdoors.  Probably shoot 90% of my outdoor stuff with those three lenses.

I also use the Panny 20 mm f/1.7 a lot when in failing light or with people.  If I avoid huge changes in FL its AF is quick enough for virtually all of my needs.

A lot of the above have been heavily cropped so I don't have enough file size for big prints.  But most seem ok from a sharpness POV.  Since I don't a photographer's judgement I'd appreciate feedback on this len's performance.  My performance, too!   

Many thanks,


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