C&C A7R in bright sun light: diffraction, oof, highlight glow or me being paranoid?

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C&C A7R in bright sun light: diffraction, oof, highlight glow or me being paranoid?


I just came back from a trip with numerous images shot with the A7R + FE 24-70, FE 35 and Samyang 14 on LA-EA4.

I was impressively happy with the Samyang images. And I was also very happy with all the FE 24-70 and 35 images not shot in bright sun light. But since I was pretty lucky with the weather... I had many pictures that were actually shot in bright sun light (mushy sky at times, but strong diffused light). I was disappointed with these images. I cannot understand exactly what happened. Was it diffraction? I shot mainly at f8 and f11. f11 is risky on a 36mp sensor for diffraction, but I thought f8 would be pretty safe. Are they all slightly out of focus? I hoped with the f8 DOF to compensate for possible AF indecisions (plus I manually focused many images)... Is there a highlight glow due to the quality of the light? Is simply the scene too poor in contrast because of the light? Have I overexposed the images?Or am I just being totally paranoid and all is good with the world, with my camera and my technique (please bear in mind that in this post I am showing the actual worst I produce with a camera!!)

Most Samyang pictures do not have any problem. FE 35 pictures are less problematic but some still are.

It happened also at other apertures, especially of course wide open and especially on the FE 24-70 at f4, were I almost always got a glow around details, even when the picture would seem in focus (but maybe it was a couple of cms oof and I could not notice). Nailed focus images not in bright sunlight are tack sharp as I would expect them, at all apertures.

I should mention I use small flexible spot for AF and move the spot around if I need to focus somewhere that is not the centre. OSS on (FE 24-70).

Here are three examples. Shot raw, imported in Lightroom, no processing at all a part from the automatic one LR applies, exported full size quality 80 JPGs.

Could you kindly pixel peep and let me know what you think?


Flexible spot pointed on the second sea gull

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