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Correct me if I'm wrong.

During focusing, no matter which mode you choose, Nikon camera always uses its RGB sensor and all focusing points to analyze the scene and assisting focus. If your designated point of focus is not valid - bird's soft fur-like feather is always the source of focus problem, interest things may happen:

If you're in 9-points area, focus may be locked on any one of the rest eight points. If you choose d51, you give it 50 more to choose from. If you choose 3D, you let the the camera taking charge. Once it established focus lock, it's pretty much game over.

To minimize margin of error, use single point. In addtion to s, use AF-ON only, release priority and turn tracking off.

When action starts, begin shooting while training your camera to the subject. AF-ON when it's near your target - right on target would be nice, but it's not possible most of the time. During all these actions of panning, shooting and focusing, your camera will never lock focus onto anything outside your designated focusing point. Instead, it will analyze the scene dynamically (the reason to turn tracking off) to guess where and what to focus, as close as possible to the designated focusing point.

In your example picture, the panned-by foliage would never be considered target, it's too random. A bird, constantly showing up, in random position maybe, but not in random pattern, would be considered a valid target. The camera would direct focusing effort on the bird - even when the bird is not in the center of frame, its feather can not be focused upon and it may not even fall under your focusing point. It is the assumed target and all focusing effort would be directed on it.

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