Birds in Flight, A6000, Wetlands...AF-C (55-210, DH1758)

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Re: Birds in Flight, A6000, Wetlands...AF-C (55-210, DH1758)

iras wrote:

Doug Aiien wrote:

Thanks Advent1sam,

Interesting comments. The A6000/55-210/DH1758 combo actually costs a little less than the E1 body. I guess there's no doubt that the A6000 combo would be better for BIF, and it focuses almost as fast as the E5. I love the Olympus S-AF+MF setting for overriding auto focus which often focuses on background or other high contrast points, especially when the background or foreground is busy such as a bird in a tree. Does the A600/55-210/DH1758 have the same ability to use the focus ring to easily override auto focus? I have read others who were slightly disappointed after upgrading from the E5 to E1. How about the less expensive E10?

Doug Allen

Just got the A6K, and really enjoying shooting with it! Im a lot less experienced then you guys are, so please forgive if this is a silly question. Do I need some kind of adapter to use the DH1758 with this combo?? Im quite interested in it because I also would like more reach, and I want to make sure I get all the right parts.



Ira, the vcl dh1758 has 58mm thread, so you need a step-up ring 49mm to 58mm on your 55-210.

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