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I'm going to assume this poster is windwolf and not just a really bored troll. You didn't quote me so its hard to follow your lines of thought here.

thedoctor1 wrote:

I think I. Just kind of upset and rambling a bit

we can tell. Get some sleep.

i can go with both af or mf

If you go for legacy MF lenses you lose auto aperture which you later say you want

i did buy an a77 also and love it.


the adapter was a cheap nikon to nex

cheap adapters don't have the electronics needed to control the aperture so we are back to the legacy MF versus AF again.

lenses I really don't need a lot just 2 or 3 primes 24'. 50 or so and maybe a 85

zoom just one like a 28-105 or something .

which would be the vbst lenses and adapters to use. Canon minolta etc.

You want Auto focus lenses (for the ability to control the aperture in camera) others should be able to help you with suggestions. It'll be easier on your wallet to pick one mount and buy the AF compatible adapter. Besides the Sony pair there is metabones, novoflex, RJ, and DEO tech. As you just want aperture control they should all do the job. Since you already have an A-mount camera (a77) one of the sony's would be prudent so you can share glass between the two.

i see the la 3 is only 198 can the a7 focus good through its viewfinder?

Yes? The question is will you regret not spending the $200 up front to give you AF?

i gues um confused on which legacy lenses to get I do want auto aperature not concerned about auto focus as much but if it's available cool I usual shoot either p,a or m

As I said if you want in camera aperture control you don't want legacy glass you want AF lenses with appropriate adapters. When most people talk about legacy glass it is in reference to old manual lenses with the aperture ring controlled from the dial on the lens (or a rudimentary dial on the adapter). There aren't adapters (AFAIK) that let you control mechanical based apertures with your electronics based camera.

oh and I did forget about there 3rd party flashes too.

I know nothing about flashes

I'm jaunt tired I guess long day and this on top of it.

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