Raging mad A7

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Re: Raging mad A7

I think I. Just kind of upset and rambling a bit

i can go with both af or mf

i did buy an a77 also and love it.

the adapter was a cheap nikon to nex

lenses I really don't need a lot just 2 or 3 primes 24'. 50 or so and maybe a 85

zoom just one like a 28-105 or something .

which would be the vbst lenses and adapters to use. Canon minolta etc.

i see the la 3 is only 198 can the a7 focus good through its viewfinder?

i gues um confused on which legacy lenses to get I do want auto aperature not concerned about auto focus as much but if it's available cool I usual shoot either p,a or m

oh and I did forget about there 3rd party flashes too. I'm jaunt tired I guess long day and this on top of it.

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