So, Steve Huff is not buying a Leica T

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Re: So, Steve Huff is not buying a Leica T

nplanet wrote:

Oh, there is nothing wrong with that. I just think he lost the little credibility he had and I personally cannot take any of his reviews seriously, but this is just me. He is just trying to make a quick buck. Not that there is something wrong with that either. Buyers be aware.

I agree. The majority of review sites were started with one thing in mind: some sort of income and profitability that allows for doing away with the day job.  And yes, probably not a good idea to buy anything based on one person's opinion.  But putting together an aggregate of opinions can sometimes help someone make a decision.  Like with restaurants and movies, etc..

I wonder if that paranormal stuff of his is just a parody.  If so, then it's pretty good.

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