Any current/former EM5 or EM1 owners considering a switch to XT-1?

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Re: I did switch, and now I'm switching back.

Marcos Villaroman wrote:

jimkohn wrote:

As much as I wanted to I just couldn't bond with the X-T1. I found the E-M1 to be more responsive and, once I set it up to my preferences, intuitive. I prefer the PASM set up with Program shift over the Fujifilm setup. It bugged me that with the X-T1 I controlled aperture one way with the 27mm (front control dial), another way with the 18-55 (Auto v. Aperture switch, no markings on lens barrel) and yet another way on the 56mm (no switch, markings on lens barrel). The ISO, aperture and shutter speed dials got on my nerves (one is locked, the other partially locked...) and required me to take the camera away from my eyes much too often. And I kept hitting the video button and front function button by accident. I know these are "niggles", and there are more, but as good as it is I just wasn't feeling the X-T1.

Glad to hear you can back out of the X-T1 and lens in time.

I thought the larger sensor would make a difference, but if it does my (old) amateur eyes can't see it and I see the reviews are split down the middle, boiling down to personal preference. Then I missed the Micro 4/3 lens selection, faster auto focus, and in camera stabilization. I just never really loved the X-T1 the way I did my E-M1, although I understand that it is a matter of priorities for the various strengths and weaknesses of these two great systems.

For me, it came down to I didn't like the noise levels I was getting with the EM1 and the fact I found I can work with/around the current deficiencies with the X-T1. At this point, I look forward to future Fujifilm bodies that will hopefully address the AF speed and other issues with the current camera; my current investment in Fuji-X glass should work well with those bodies.

FWIW, I think the following EM1 vs X-T1 article nailed the strengths/weaknesses of each very well for me:

I agree with Daniel Cheung's assessment with one exception. Having owned a complete EM1 setup before and having compared the X-T1 before I let the complete EM1 system go, my experience in darkness was exactly the opposite. In near darkness where there was insufficient contrast on a subject the EM1 just hunted while the X-T1 locked focus (accurately I might add). This testing was repeated in an area and with subjects I've tested too many cameras to count at this point. Otherwise his article was pretty right on. For me I became very "anti noise" so the X-T1 satisfies like no other. But as they say one has to do what they have to do for their own needs and wants.

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