Thinking about jumping ship due to poor AF. Any help?

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Re: Thinking about jumping ship due to poor AF. Any help?

GabrielFFontes wrote:

What about a Canon? 60d, 7d? (but i guess i would lose in image quality)

As you're bringing up your consideration in a Pentax forum, I won't suggest openly to you to switch to Canon or Nikon. After all, it's your time and money -- in the end, the only things that matter are the photographs that YOU cherish for a long time. Get the image-creating tools with which YOU feel most comfortable and productive. Availability of local support is important, too.

On the other hand, I cannot relate to your cautious statement in parentheses above. As I've been using a K-5 IIs along with a 7D and 70D (being two Canon APS-C cameras in my toolbox), I will not say that you would suffer a decline in IQ when switching from a K-30 to a 7D or 70D.

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