X-T1 - No 100% zoom in raw playback?

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Re: X-T1 - No 100% zoom in raw playback?

b0k3h wrote:

Gloomy1 wrote:

Same in XE -1 if you shoot RAW plus jpeg you can zoom to 100%. Probably the same for all X series. Seems silly because the RAW file generates a jpeg whether you shoot with jpeg on or not, how much processing power and time does it save to generate only a half sized one?

its not power, its space. 16mp jpeg F isnt insignificant at ~5mb.

if they make the preview full-sized (with enough quality for 100% examination under ~1200*800 display) it obviates the option of raw+jpeg

You have some control over this. While my usual outdoor JPEGs range from 4 1/2 to 6 1/2 MB, the much less complex indoor scene that I just shot produced much smaller JPEGs, producing these file sizes :

Large, Fine : 3.0MB

Large, Normal : 1.8MB

Medium, Fine : 2.1MB

Medium, Normal : 1.0MB

Don't choose either of the Medium sizes. Either of the Large JPEGs allow zooming twice as far into the previews, so your best choice would be Large, Normal. This would typically produce JPEGs larger than my 1.8MB, but probably about 1/2 the size of your 5MB files, and that's really not much at all compared with the 25MB RAW files, wasting an additional 10% of the file space instead of 20%.

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