GH4: sequence (many pics)

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Re: GH4: sequence (many pics)

Lab D wrote:

neil holmes wrote:

Not sure if that is evidence of DFD but it is certainly very good does it do with DFD off? (or is it always on when tracking)??

That shows as around 6fps.....Does turning things on or off affect the speed? (have you turned anything on/off yet?

Tracking (not something I usually do) with my GX7 is great but seems a bit slower than 5fps it is supposed to be able to do but I have lots of things turned on.

From what I can tell it is about 7-8 FPS which matches the 7.5 FPS the specs say. When you switch form AF-S mode to AF-C it changes from 12 to about 7 or 8 FPS I found earlier today.

Tracking is always DFD and I do not think you can turn it off. It is simply an improved version/next generation of CDAF that works in any lighting condition. This why even when I have a lens focused on infinity and I snap a picture in near darkness of something close (forcing the focus to make a maximum change), it still can do it in the blink of an eye (with the right lens).


Your sequence had 6 shots on the same second with others before and after....

I had the same thing the other day with the GX7.... I THOUGHT I was shooting at 5fps but it was only 2 or 3 shooting at 1/8000 when I looked at the times in the photo details.... that's why I was asking about things on/off making a difference....I think it does with the GX7....seems less so though with the GH4 (if it is affected at all).

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