X-T1 - No 100% zoom in raw playback?

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Re: X-T1 - No 100% zoom in raw playback?

Brian_Downunda wrote:

The issue is that when you zoom in on the RAF you're actually zooming in on the the embedded preview JPG and these are only half size, so that's as far as you can go.

Not only is this a feature of all the X cameras, other manufacturers do the same. It was the case with my NEX-7. It's a pain to have to shoot RAF+JPG in order to be able to zoom in to 100% in order to check focus but that's the way it is.

Some manufacturers do, not all. Ricoh and Canon also embed small JPEGs in their RAW files. Nikon embeds full resolution JPEGs but they're Basic quality. That is, they're highly compressed, so they don't add much wasted space to the much larger RAWs (NEFs). If you choose RAF+JPEG, choose the smallest available JPEG. This is "NORMAL" for the X-A1 so I'd guess that it's the same for the X-T1.

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