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Re: Sports shooter here, can feel you pain :)

jeminijoseph wrote:

So you are suggesting a4 set to shoert or long? Ever since I started using 51 point af (d300) people were suggesting set it to off. I will try this anyway.

This setting basically introduces a delay before the AF does any drastic refocus, the typical example given is when you shoot sports, following a player of some sort and another player or referee briefly get between you and your subject. The delay mean the AF will wait ever so slightly before refocusing drastically (at whatever got between you and your subject) - the setting basically set the wait period.

It is a little more involved then that, but that is the basics. The downside of this delay is it will slightly impair the tracking ability for subjects moving irregularly, but for a large bird it should not pose a problem (a swallow would be a different matter )

My default setting is having this set to its mid value, but for a sport like volleyball which is extremely taxing on AF and where people stepping into your FOV is not a huge proble, I typically set it to a minimum. While when trying to track a player in say soccer, rugby or the weird American flavour of football, I occasionally use more delay. It depends on what I shoot, and what kind of subject movement I specifically try to follow.

I looked at 1dx for a while. Switch is very expensi e as you know. Also I saw threads suggesting to get best out of 1dx, you need their latest lenses. That's even more expensive. That's why I dropped the idea for time being. Do you think now D4s is pretty close to 1dx? That's encouraging. Upgrdes is not too expensive.

The 1Dx is a great camera for sure, it is overall slightly, but noticeably, faster then the D4 (not just framerate and AF, the whole experience), but the D4s seem to alleviate that.

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