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Re: This thread is too funny

Ontario Gone wrote:

Midwest wrote:

Ontario Gone wrote:

neil holmes wrote:

You think this is bad, go visit the Sony forums.

LOL when you visit the Sony forums under one of your various names it is.

Ironic you say this, i know for a fact you have two other names you post under. It's pretty obvious by your fact stacking for Sony and against MFT. Same poster, 3 names.

I'd love to see some names cited, by all parties involved.

its not up to me to force him to be honest, when he wants to come clean that is up to him.

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"Run to the light, Carol Anne. Run as fast as you can!"

I only use one name.....anyone is free to come here and check!

I don't need another name.....what would be the point of saying "buy what is right for you from any brand under more than one name"?

You on the other hand used a couple of names on the Sony forums where you were a notorious troll before switching brands....I guess that the name "Ontario Gone" even comes from there as a corruption of the Sony poster Ontario John.

Then of course you have Jack Hass as another name...oh claim that is not you but since you were found out, said it was someone else in the same house who uses the same camera and lens at the same time....of course you value your privacy so you wont say more but then plaster your kids photos all over the internet (so much for privacy)....

Now what fact stacking in favour of Sony was that....if you are referring to the a6000 being faster and having better IQ and much better value than the GH4, that is not me...that is the website mentioned in this thread.

And again, I would PREFER the GH4 to the A6000!

Give it a rest......again, your point about Panasonic....this bit...

"I could have guessed you would go straight to those two, pretty much anybody who uses Sony does, the A6000 is their only prayer to keep up with the GH4's AF, although it's still overshadowed. What will be most interesting is when the GX8 or G7 show up with an updated DFD as cheaper models with similar tracking specs. It will be a blood bath."

Says it all.....I hope the GX8 or G7 are every bit as good as you want them to be....I ALSO hope so are all the cameras from everyone else!

So, a camera I am not getting, is faster than another camera I am not getting????

LOL toooo funny.

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