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Sony's curved sensor is not about lenses...

NewForce wrote:

Totally agreed. To me Sony R&D Optical Engineer's are really odd ba**s people. They simply put logical and rational optical design in to toilet.

If Sony oddly designed "Curve Sensor" or FE(FC?) lenses could do the tricks, all other camera makers like Hasselblad, Leica, Canon and Nikon should have done it long ago.

The part of Sony that created the curved sensor did it to create a physical stress across the semiconductor material. This alters electron mobility and improves low light sensitivity.

Fixing the edges of the sensor and pulling or pushing the center allows the stress to be adjusted. If they ever made a production version, they'd find a way to stress a sensor while it's flat (chemically or thermally) because designing lenses to match an arbitrary curve is a pain for the optical engineers.

I know it's good that at least they tried hard (at the expense of their customers hard earn money?), but like what I always said, there's no miracle in optical system for the past 30 years.

I'd say modern computers, optical software, and lens coatings constitute a miracle (in the Kiernan sense, at least). For centuries, lens design was limited by what a small team could do tracing rays by hand. And the reflective surfaces of lens elements further limited how complex you could make a lens before flare killed it. The computations restricted you to one focusing helicoid and maybe a second for zooming. Today, the optical engineer is free to pursue any crazy idea they may have. We can CAD up mechanisms that move 3-4 groups of elements in different directions when you zoom or focus. Problems that simple weren't solvable 30-50 years ago can be dealt with easily today.

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