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thanks for the indepth review. where can I buy thia camera?

You want something a little deeper? Try here

Yes, the Oly EM10 menu is maddening. I started a thread here asking for help with it a couple of weeks ago, and Guy Parsons was helpful. I now know how to reach the secret Super Control Menu and how to manipulate it. But there are a huge number of important things I still can't figure out how to do. I thought the Sony Nex menu system was appalling but the Olympus menu is far worse, a real disaster.


I personally don't agree with this, or indeed many of your statements.

"The Oly EM10 menu is maddening"
It seems quite logical to me. Yes, there are a lot of settings but for the most part they're in pretty logical places.
We should also remind ourselves how many features are crammed into this camera. Most digital devices require some degree of familiarisation to get the best out of their capabilities. The E-M10 is no exception.
It's worth putting in some groundwork with the initial setup (as is the case with most Oly cameras). In my opinion, the ability to personalise and taylor this camera is one of it's strongest assets.
Once most of the main settings have been configured and assigned to buttons/dials, you're unlikely to revisit most of the main 'Menu' categories.
The 'usual suspects' (ISO, Aperture, White Balance etc.) can be found, and easily accessed from the SCP.

"I now know how to reach the secret Super Control Menu"
It's not secret. It's also very easy to reach. The 'EVF' button (by the view finder) will toggle between 'SCP' and 'Live View' (both heavily documented in the PDF manual)

"remembering to hit OK each time I change a setting on a menu"
This is quite typical in most menus

"I don't know how to set the Fn1 and Fn2 buttons. I don't see why I need them since I can already set shooting mode, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, image compensation, focus mode, metering mode, and white balance, without using the Fn1 or Fn2 buttons"
Then don't use them. The main purpose of these buttons is to provide greater scope to personalise (should you decide to use them)

I have a Samsung Smart TV (far from Smart) It's menus are illogical and frustrating. It's functions inconsistent and unreliable.
I have a Blackberry Curve (unwanted works mobile). It's menus and functions are unnecessarily complicated. The user experience is painful during the most basic commands.
My E-M10 is a breath of fresh air in comparison to many devices/systems used on a daily basis.
Granted, there is a little pain involved in getting used to Oly cameras. It must be worth it? (for me anyway) because I keep buying them.

Well, a attorneys say, a great defense for a guilty client.

After five or six hours of unnecessarily complex and frustrating efforts to understand the disastrous manual (it cannot possibly have  been pretested with appropriate prospective users) and the various tutorials,  I have the camera set up pretty much the way I want it.

Guy Paraons' excellent tutorial on the Olympus menu system shows that Oly requires more than a dozen clicks to get to the secret Super Control Menu and turn it on as the default.  This is a silly way to design a menu and we are much indebted to Guy and to others who are helping us walk through it..

I agree with you to this extent: Once one  understands and master a complex subject, it looks a lot simpler and more obvious than it did before, and I think this is what you are reporting when you report that you do not find the menu and the manual daunting. The problem for me and I suspect many users, given the comments here and in reviews, is getting to the point where the menu system becomes understandable.

As you suggest t iThe EM10 is certainly worth all this (unnecessary) effort to understand the menu; the camera is a pleasure to shoot with. I agree with that part of your post.

Thanks for posting your thoughts and experiences.


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