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Re: praising the messenger & the Leica T

meagre offerings wrote:

Daedalus2000 wrote:

meagre offerings wrote:

DavidGBK wrote:

There must be something useful to Leica in the Dr.'s use of the proto-types that maybe is not fully appreciated or he is involved in some of the design. I do not know all the research he is involved in.

Is this him?



i have no idea if that is the self same dr rhode or not, but i suspect it will be.

i still dont understand what the input to several new cameras could be, im not doubting it, im just curious what the input is.

i can understand the input from say, ming, steve huff, or any other highly regarded photographer who leica may ask for assistance when developing a new camera, but from someone who self promotes their involvement, but in the next breath admits that they are somewhat limited in their own photographic skills, it just seems sort of unusual.

Because Paul science is where everything starts when a digital camera is designed. The sensor and the processor that decodes the sensor signals are very important elements. The camera look and design is another element but without the good processing of the signals from the sensor there is no camera.

People like Huff have a much easier job... They just write essays...

Best, D

aahhh, so your saying the good doctor helped design the sensor and processor for the leica `T` camera.


You asked what the potential input can be. I am just saying that given that his expertise is in signal processing, he can give feedback on the processing of the sensor data and how to get the most out of it. Never said anything about designing them. He has his expertise, he has spend many many years developing it, I respect anyone who is an expert in a field, whatever the field is.

Best, D

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