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Re: This thread is too funny

Ontario Gone wrote:

neil holmes wrote:

A "catchy" headline to attract people, no link and its a free-for-all.

The local fanboys jump on it without reading it and it must be true.

You think this is bad, go visit the Sony forums.

LOL when you visit the Sony forums under one of your various names it is.

There are people here who will claim as their RIGHT to go to another forum and post but if someone else comes here, well that is just not right.

Who does that?

For some , it is ok to be "helpful" and repeat the (supposed) failings of camera they don't use or want to use and suggest a photo or two is not proof of things like focus and warn people of this....but for what THEY like, a single photo is proof enough of AFC.

Between the reviews and user samples, we have more than a single photo in favor of the GH4. Not sure where you have been.

LOL yet, you go to the Sony forum and comment on a group of shots about how it is not proof (and helpfully explain how it is pointless) but here, no such pointers or "help" in showing the errors of a posters ways and will not say the same things here for example about focus in an AFC post....

Others own the "best" camera....doesn't matter what it is, what size sensor it has....what they own is the best (for everyone it seems).

We are well aware of this, which is why you often mention your A7 in conversations that are completely unrelated.

You mention your GX7 all the unrelated posts.

Then again, its a camera forum...go figure.

I am saying the A7 (and GX7) are currently the best cameras for ME....that is what is relevant while you are a anti-Sony Troll (who I thought had changed but you just throw in a few posts now to seem balanced)...that you make different comments to the same sort of posts in the Sony forum to what you do here is the telling factor....this was a thread about multiple cameras and seem happy to bring up cameras not being the GH4.

I use the A6000 and GH4 as examples because there seems to be endless arguments between M4/3 and Sony users (I use both so have to punch myself out)....likely wont get either and am happy enough with both my cameras IQ and focus.

I could have guessed you would go straight to those two, pretty much anybody who uses Sony does, the A6000 is their only prayer to keep up with the GH4's AF, although it's still overshadowed. What will be most interesting is when the GX8 or G7 show up with an updated DFD as cheaper models with similar tracking specs. It will be a blood bath.

You still don't get it.....GH4 and A6000 are very different cameras ....yet in terms of THIS thread and AF, that site has the A6000 as faster AF with better IQ.

If it came down to someone giving me one of those, I would take the GH4 ANYDAY, for people buying them, they are very different markets, one a pro/semi pro camera especially for video, the other a low level consumer camera with a party trick.

That last bit just shows you to be a true fan boy.....I hope all the makers keep getting better!

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