Stick with Nikon or Go for the 5DIII ?

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Re: Stick with Nikon or Go for the 5DIII ? For Skintones: hardly

Alfred wrote:

These professional cameras are very well calibrated and differences, when starting from RAW, are rather subtle. I checked this out with a D800 and a 5DIII some time ago. I took side by side shots in daylight using the same Rodenstock lens (T-adapter) on both to eliminate differences in transmission. The RAW's can be downloaded here: and here:

As others pointed out, of course WB, converter and profiles matter and I took some care to start with a reasonable WB in this comparison. Conversions with Apple Aperture profiles produced then close and acceptable results. The Nikon file will mostly be flatter and may profit from a bit more contrast. In practice it is often better to set WB, particularly on the Nikon, manually. The fine tuning can be left to the RAW conversion later. Below the unadjusted default conversions to jpg in Aperture.

Nikon D800, daylight, converted from RAW on defaults in Aperture

And here the conversion from the 5DIII:

Canon 5DIII, daylight, default conversion to jpg in Aperture

Mixed lighting will give mixed results with both cameras and there is no way around a sporadic reference shot of a color target to save processing time later. I also have to admit that experiments with other converters were not equally close on defaults already.

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If you compare these images carefully, there is infact a green tint on the nikon file especially in the midtone area.

There is little argument to be made that Nikon JPEGs have been plagued with the green cast issue for some time. My recent change to D4S tells me there has been improvement, but I expect another generation to finally resolve all our color woes.

In the case of RAW, back in 2009 when I switched from Canon 5D, 1DsII to Nikon D700, in the beginning I wondered why my RAWs in LR3 & 4 looked horrid in Adobe Standard profile. That was not the case for any canon cameras I have encountered back in the days (except for the 30D). From there I began my quest to abandon Adobe Standard for my processing workflow.

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