SL1 vs EOS M for my daughter

Started Apr 28, 2014 | Discussions thread
007peter Forum Pro • Posts: 11,517
I would ASK your DAUGHTER....does she even WANT a DSLR SIZE?

Neil DSLR size doesn't bother most Men in their 30s~70s

But ask any teenagers and young adults: they do not want to look like a Photo GEEK

Its a Social Suicide, and it doesn't post to Instagam directly.  DSLR are toys for middle-age men.  Unfortunately, anything wear or used by middle-age men are NOT COOL, so

Instead of spending good money, I would simply ASK HER FIRST!

But if it were me, I go for the SL1.  Small Size + Expansion-ability.  M is a half/hearted effort by Canon.... and I'm saying this as a M owner.

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