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This thread is too funny

josbiker wrote:

According to look and see!

Canon EOS 1D X, NIKON D4S, GH4.

Attention the start-up time with the GH4 is ALWAYS in LIVE-View!

The GH4 WINS in all the autofocus-times.


A "catchy" headline to attract people, no link and its a free-for-all.

The local fanboys jump on it without reading it and it must be true.

There are people here who will claim as their RIGHT to go to another forum and post but if someone else comes here, well that is just not right.

For some , it is ok to be "helpful" and repeat the (supposed) failings of camera they don't use or want to use and suggest a photo or two is not proof of things like focus and warn people of this....but for what THEY like, a single photo is proof enough of AFC.

Others own the "best" camera....doesn't matter what it is, what size sensor it has....what they own is the best (for everyone it seems).

The away team counters....that it can not possibly be true......I suspect many have not even tried a recent mirrorless camera.

I did think the site in question...this one....

....Was going to be added to the list quoted on the M4/3 team in these debates but after reading the actual scores, I am not so sure....

I use the A6000 and GH4 as examples because there seems to be endless arguments between M4/3 and Sony users (I use both so have to punch myself out)....likely wont get either and am happy enough with both my cameras IQ and focus.

.A6000 owners can claim (from that site) FASTER AF, BETTER IQ, much better value......but let down a long way by handling.

GH4 fans will cite the overall ranking (DXO in reverse???)

Fans of other cameras can take their picks of what their cameras "win" on.

Personally, I think just about all the cameras on the list are great and the "best camera" only matters if it is best for ME.

Sorry...rant over.

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