How many spare batteries do you need?

Started Apr 28, 2014 | Discussions thread
BBbuilder467 Senior Member • Posts: 2,436

With one body, I keep 3 batteries to maintain a comfortable rotation. 1 battery is in the camera and 2 fully charged spares. That way I never have to be concerned about how charged the in-camera battery is.

Add the fourth for a second body and that allows for both cameras having fully charged spares if needed. It's not unusual for me to find both bodies need batteries at the same time.

Lengthy set-ups and long exposures with ND's can really deplete the battery life, so I always carry 2 spares. I've done this so long that I know what to anticipate, including the weather. I can pace myself, if need be.

That's a total of 3 batteries for 1 body or total of 4 for 2 bodies.

I spend nearly all my time outdoors hiking mountain trails for hours and miles at a time. I have to have spares. If I were more casual, I might not even need a spare.

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