Convince me to buy a D800 (+BHPV question)

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Re: Convince me to buy a D800 (+BHPV question)

TimStir wrote:

Excellent reply, thanks for the critical analysis. Here are my responses:

1) I would hate to buy a D800 and then a few months later a D900 with 48MP an extra stop ISo/DR and 7FPs gets released at $2500. This wont happen now but surely you can see that it is disappointing for people to buy something to see it replaced quickly with something far better quickly? If I knew a D900 would appear soon i would simply wait.

2) I could rent but I prefer to have the camera in my hands for at least 1 week. At the rental price it probably doens't make a big difference to buy one and sell it on soon afterwards. But I will check out the rental options

3)I don't print huge and 36MP is wasted on me. however, I do need 16MP in the DX crop area and do want FF sensor for landscape and shallow DoF work. The D700 is fantastic, but having 5.5MP in the DX crop area is a bug step backwards for my wildlife work. The D610 is not any btter really and i end up without a significant advance in metering and focusing.

4) finances are actually a deal. My wife and I are lucky to each earn 6 figures (and the wife has 10 month maternity leave at full pay, not bad for the US!), the D800 is just 1 of my paychecks after removing mortgage, food and utility bills. I am just very frugal, and always save money for things like house deposit, retirement, unemployment - all important but all healthy enough atm.

5) this is a cash purchase, I get paid wednesday.

This is the first time I am doing paid event work. I don't know what will come of it exactly but I broadly expect to make $2-3000 in a full academic year just doing the occasional event work at then university. I get about $400 per gig, and had the option to do 2 events in April and May (first I couldn't make due to baby). Summer will be quiet and i ahve to see what the fall semester brings I have also been asked to photogrpah some weddings but turned the offer down as i don't want that stress right now. This isn't a business and form a business perspective this would be a bad investment. But photography is a big hobby and I want the event work to help pay for the hobby and make me justify expensive toys.

My work is also stressful and I would love to move into something more enjoyable. In a few years I hope to have paid of the mortgage and be able to do work that is more fulfilling rather well paid. Some easy event stuff now will give me practice and help me decide if it is something I could do fully professionally.

1. I would hate this to happen as well but unless there are some really good rumours, you have to jump in sometime and then don't look back.

2. Yes you could rent and see but I personally have never done this. In all honesty, you can either buy from a dealer you can return it to after a week in unhappy or you can sell a 1 week old machine without losing much.

3. I don't print big either but I use the megapixels to be able to crop and for wildlife/BIF it is marvelous.
If you look at my galleries most of my animal photos are cropped and you can get some great sharp photos from it.
4. Money is a personal thing. I don't have a part of the income you do but still am happy with every penny I spent (sold years of Canon collecting to buy the Nikon stuff).
5. Enjoy your new camera Wednesday night

Well worth the money. It really is that good a camera.
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