Birds in Flight, A6000, Wetlands...AF-C (55-210, DH1758)

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Re: Doug,

Doug Aiien wrote:

Thanks again Justin,

I live in sunny SC and many of my wildlife photos are from Florida, Texas Rio Grande Valley, and Mexico, so sunlight is not a major problem, plus I'm patient! I'm almost ready to order the A6000/E55-210/DH1758 combo. I'll run a few more questions by you.

Sounds like you'll be fine then!

What is the minimum focus distance with the above, and are there long lens alternatives I should consider?

I never actually measured the exact minimum focus distance of the combo - but the 55-210mm isn't necessarily a close focus lens - I think it's around 6-7 feet.  It likely doesn't change too much with the DH attached - but I do know I have to be around 7 feet or so, rough guestimate, when shooting a bug or flower or something else very close to me.

I find the ability to easily over-ride the Olympus auto focus with the manual focus ring "saves" a lot of shots of birds in trees and other shots with busy backgrounds or foregrounds. Is that also easy to do with the A6000?

As Sam mentioned above, this setting on Sony is called DMF.  With DMF mode, autofocus works as normal, but at any time you can turn the focus ring and adjust the focus from where it landed.  In DMF mode, you can have it display just the full frame, or have peaking turned on to show the contrast edges to help dial in focus, or turn on the magnification function which automatically zooms when you manually focus...and the peaking & magnification can be used together.

There are always downsides or limitations. What are the downsides and limitations of the above combo for someone who is more enthusiastic than knowledgeable, and more into nature studies than camera studies. My goal is to do both competent record shots and occasional well composed and exposed salon quality shots of nature, landscapes, etc.

Not much...the only downsides to really consider with the DH1758 attached is that the 55-210mm lens can't be effectively used throughout the whole focal range - the vignetting will be very strong at the 55mm to about 75mm end...then from 75mm to around 105mm you may see some minor corner darkening - it won't too badly affect shots with foliage or busy backgrounds, but taking photos of big empty sky will show the darkening.  Also at shorter focal lengths, there can be a touch of corner softness at wide open apertures - again, for wildlife and bird shooting this often isn't too detrimental as you almost always have some cropping after the fact, and the soft corners are cropped out most of the time.

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