How many spare batteries do you need?

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Re: How many spare batteries do you need?

As others mentioned, it depends on your shooting style, methods, and mode, but...

As a general rule, I want CIPA rated 1000+ photos. For my GX7, that's 2 spares, while for the D5100 that's one spare.

However, I'm thinking of increasing by one extra for each camera plus another charger. On vacations and "local tourist-ing" shoots, I've used all but one bar on my last battery, and then spent that night charging all the batteries, and repeating the next day. It would have been much easier if I had one more battery and charger. I do time lapse photos, though, so these days I can get 4000+ photos. Note that on my GX7, leaving it on seems to use almost as much power as taking photos (LCD/EVF + sensor on all the time), so you can run out of juice even if you don't take thousands of photos.

Your cameras share batteries, which is a great bonus. I'd have looked for a total of 3 spares, and not worried about another charger (since you already have two). If you bring both cameras, switch between the two often (especially without turning off the other), and go on all day shoots, go with four. (depending on costs, of course) If you rarely take both cameras, or don't go on all day shooting trips, two spares might but more than your needs. And you can also pull the battery from the other camera if really needed, too.

What ever you decide, number your batteries. (Dating is a good idea, too, but if you buy them all at the same time, it's a little redundant.) Rotate through the batteries so they all get used, and store lithium batteries at least 70% charged.

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