Thinking about jumping ship due to poor AF. Any help?

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Re: Thinking about jumping ship due to poor AF. Any help?

GabrielFFontes wrote:

Hey guys!

I'm a brazilian Pentaxian, and i have a Pentax K-30 and 9 lenses.

I've been thinking about jumping ship to Canon/Nikon/Sony or even mirrorless (Olympus) because i've been facing problems with AF. I feel it's simply too slow and inconsistent (as in i spend hours doing af fine adjust, but sometimes it will simply, randomly focus incorrectly).

Do you guys think i would see improvement switching to a Nikon D7000?

What about a Canon? 60d, 7d? (but i guess i would lose in image quality)

Any help? It would be tough to get a K-3 here because it's not so easy to get Pentax items here, and by jumping ship i would be able to sell all my lenses and invest in the camera and new equipment...getting a K-3, i wouldn't want to sell lenses.


My first thought was as others have mentioned, that you have either a bad copy of the K-30 or some accident of setting is causing the problem. I've never used the K-30, but I have used the K-20d, K-7, K-5 and K-5iis. I have the occasionally misfocused shot showing up during edit, but have always been convinced it was caused by something I did wrong.

My nephew prefers Nikon and has a D7100. That one as I've read is in the same ball-park as the K-3 with the K-3 edging it out in most categories. My K-5iis is supposedly in the same class as the D7000. You could probably get a K5iis or the K5ii for a very good price and then keep your Pentax lenses.

One big advantage of the K-5iis & K-3 over the D7000 and D7100 is weight.  The latter two when combined with the zooms Nikon people like to use are much heavier. You didn't say what lenses you have but the K-5iis or K-3 combined with some good primes -- or even some good zooms -- will be much lighter than anything you are likely to combine with a D-7000 or D7100 and do a spectacular job for you.

On the other hand I recently bought a gift for my nephew, the Nikkor 50mm 1.4; which I researched at some length. If I had a D7000 or D7100 that is a lens I would buy, but my nephew prefers zooms and the 18-300 he uses is humongous.

If you do studio work or set up some place with a tripod then perhaps you won't care about weight, but if you carry your camera around all day then you will probably appreciate a later offering by Pentax. My nephew for example travels to Europe frequently and admits that his camera is heavy. He went on a hike with me recently and I noticed he wasn't taking any gear or water -- just his heavy camera & zoom. I made him take some water anyway.


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