Convince me to buy a D800 (+BHPV question)

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Re: Convince me to buy a D800 (+BHPV question)

TimStir wrote:

This has been a dream camera since release but I'm pretty frugal and saved the money for a house deposit, then I found out I would become a father so held off the purchase some more.

Now I am kind of thinking it is now or never. I don't want to wait until the D800 is near EoL.

Why not?

I have both the D800 and a D700. The D700 is well past its EOL, but I still use it and it works great!

I already hear rumors of a D800S, but I assume this will be fairly minor tweaks and several hundred more $$ ???

Unless you have a budget that is higher, then it really doesn't make sense to worry about future models that cost more. I suspect the D800 will still be produced as long as there is demand, so I would not feel rushed.

Even if the model is terminated, there will be refurbished units and used D800s for sale. It was the release of the D800 that drove the D700 used prices down and that was exactly when I bought my D700.

In a couple of weeks I have a paid event to shoot semi-professionally (MBA gradation at prestigious private school)). I currently have a D90 and D7000, Nikon 24-70, 70-200, 300mm f/4.0, 70-300, 50mm f/1.8D and 85mm f/1.8G for FF (sigma 10-20mm, nikon 16-85 and 35mm f/1.8 for DX). I know this kit is perfectly capable of the event in question but a D800 will help (d800 with 24-70 and the 85mm f/1.8 on the D7000), and this event should hopefully be the first of many.

Why not rent a D800 and see if you really need/want one?

Despite shooting the event I'm mostly a nature photographer. The D800 is evidently superb for landscape and the pixel density helps with wildlife. But the latter is one of my concerns. I find the 300mm f/4 and 1.4xTC just about right for wildlife and so get the most out of the D800 would require a somewhat big and expensive lens upgrade.

How big do you print? 36mp is great for huge prints, but if you rarely or never print that big the advantages of the D800 over something like a used D700 is a steep price to pay for those extra pixels.

Also, you scare me when you mentioned a new house and a new baby. Are you really financially secure enough to justify this? If this is a fun toy, do you have $3,000 set aside for this?

Note, if this is for pleasure this should be a cash purchase, not credit.  If you don't have the cash in the bank, wait.

If this is a tool to make you revenue you should consider carefully what the projected increase in revenue this camera will generate. If that increase is ≥$3,000 in ≤ 1 year it is a must-buy deal. If that return on investment takes years, then I would say it may not be the best way to invest $3,000 (from a business perspective).

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Does anyone expect the D800S to be any more than a slight speed high ISO increase at a higher cost? Expected dates? I know no one knows for certain but some ed4ucated guesses are welcome.

How do people cope with a D800 for wildlife when they can't afford a 500mm f/4.0? Is is really just better sticking to crop?

I will likely buy form BH photo video. They have a deluxe kit for an extra $100. Normally I avoid these, but I would need the 2 additional batteries (3rd party is fine), I would like the wireless remote for landscape work, the velbon v-grip is of some use to me and seems OK for money. Other bits and pieces are not so important but would add a little value to me. Seems for my uses to be over $100 value in total. Anyone experience with the BHPV deluxe kit?

Thanks for the time, sorry for long, boring post! This is a lot of money for me. I can easily afford it but I just don't like spending big money on toys!

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