How many spare batteries do you need?

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Re: How many spare batteries do you need?

It really depends on how much you shoot, whether your camera is on/asleep between shots, whether you use EVF's or the back LCD, etc. Also, whether you will be able to recharge your batteries at night.

In general, I tend to need 1 battery for light shooting, 2 batteries for more heavy shooting, and I have needed 3 or 4 batteries when I'm shooting continuously for 8-10 hours at renaissance faires or when I'm using my steampunk cameras all day with the LCD on.

I don't have much experience with the E-M5 or Stylus1 for long term shooting. With the E-PM2/E-P2, it tends to be 2 batteries, except when I used the VF-2 in the past (the VF-2 is more power hungry than using the LCD). I do tend to only use batteries with the cells made in Japan (as opposed to China), even if the final assembly is in China. I like the wasabi BLS-5/BLM-5 knock off batteries, but I dislike their charger for the BLS batteries.

The other thing about multiple batteries, is if you are on a long trip, you can be charging some batteries in the hotel during the day, and using the other spares.  Then when you get to the hotel at night, you just change the batteries (this assumes you have multiple chargers).

I did notice the following charger on ebay that charges 2 BLS batteries at the same time, but I haven't bought it yet:

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