Is this the best I can expect from D800?

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Re: Some in this thread are missing an important point

Steve Bingham wrote:

Man this takes me back! The Pentax 6x7 (now called Pentax 67) was notorious for mirror slap vibrations. Usually worst between 1 second and 1/15 second. MU and then wait! Some of us used a few techniques to dampen the vibrations. I put a lead pellet shooting bag (used in bench-rest shooting) on the camera. Others used the "dead hand" technique. .

I'm a bit confused. You would use the weight if conditions wouldn't allow you to flip the mirror up first and that helped? I have had years of use as well with that beast. I nearly always flip the mirror up before shutter release. With my 300mm that still wasn't good enough due to shutter curtain vibration even after the mirror was up. In that situation I could see the weight option being helpful. I bought a kirk lens brace which helped as well.

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