Is this the best I can expect from D800?

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Re: Mirror shake at 500th?

tektrader wrote:

I always find when I use a Tripod aside from making me slow down. I tend to use live view therefore the mirror is up.

Logically I seem to get the sharpest results with the mirror locked up, Not cause of the tripod.

Even if the shutter speed is quite high ( 250th to 500th) I have had mirror slap issues.

What were the conditions and what lens have you had this occur? If you had this happen at all I would think it would always be the case. Do you disagree? If not why? I have not tested myself the threshold but have heard of this and have used shutter delay of 1 sec sometimes handheld even up to 250th. 500th when shooting especially with wide to normal I would think is overkill. My practices may be paranoid driven.

I almost alway use a tripod with my scenics but recently the wind was blowing enough so that I needed high shutter speeds to stop the movement of flowers to which the tripod seemed to make little sense other than help with composition. Waiting for that mirror lock up 1 second delay handheld can slightly change the framing once it releases. I like to avoid this concern and hearing more of your specific situations might be helpful.

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