Thinking about jumping ship due to poor AF. Any help?

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Re: Thinking about jumping ship due to poor AF. Any help?

GabrielFFontes wrote:

Hey guys!

I'm a brazilian Pentaxian, and i have a Pentax K-30 and 9 lenses.

I've been thinking about jumping ship to Canon/Nikon/Sony or even mirrorless (Olympus) because i've been facing problems with AF. I feel it's simply too slow and inconsistent (as in i spend hours doing af fine adjust, but sometimes it will simply, randomly focus incorrectly).

You would have to give us examples of where the k30 has 'random' focused.

It may be a faulty camera, how your approaching the shot or the camera is not up to how you need it to operate.

Normally it's because the photographer has not understood the cameras fuzzy algorithm deciding whats appropriate to focus on.

If this is you problem then irrelevant of brand you will see the same issue.

We had a chap a few years ago 'Barry Fitzgerald' who had the same problem as you blamed pentax (even started an anti pentax vendetta) and bought 2 Nikon d90's

2 months later he was having the same issue with the d90's and was no ...... Blaming Nikon

Of cause your problem could be the equipment but without examples it not possible to hazard a guess.

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